Zakynthos: Famous Navagio Beach will remain closed this summer due to landslide risk

navagio beach zakynthos

The world famous Navagio beach of Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination because of its signature shipwreck. However, authorities on the Ionian island have decided to close the beach to tourists this summer, for fear of landslides.

The decision to prohibit access to the Navagio beach was recommended by a team of experts from the Anti-Seismic Planning and Protection Organization (OASP), following a visit to the site on March 8, as part of a regular reassessment of its safety.

The OASP team said there was significant risk of landslides due to the erosion of the surrounding cliffs.

navagio beach zakynthos

“The safety of residents and visitors is above everything else and the decision was taken taking into account the new scientific data of the OASP and its President, Professor Efthymios Lekkas, given the large number of visitors in the area during the tourist season,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said.

Navagio was already off limits to locals and visitors since last September, after a 5.4-magnitude earthquake caused large rocks from the surrounding cliffs to fall into the bay.

The safety of the beach will be reassessed twice a year.

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