Greece officially launches campaign to become UNSC non-permanent member

greece Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias UNSC New York March 2023

Greece has officially launched its campaign to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the period 2025-26.

The campaign was launched by the Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in New York during an event organised by the Permanent Mission of Greece to the UN. The Greek candidacy aims to expand the country's geopolitical footprint of our country on the international stage.

In the presence of many foreign heads of permanent delegations, the Greek foreign minister noted: "Greece always supports dialogue and diplomacy as the only viable means to achieve the main goals of this Organisation: International peace, development and the promotion of human rights".

Dendias focused on the words democracy, dialogue and diplomacy, which will form the road map for Greece's candidacy to the UN General Assembly.

In this context, he thoroughly analysed the regional priorities that Greece has set, which are based on the principles of multilateralism and respect for International Law with the aim of defending the principles of the rules-based international order.

As he pointed out, Greece "is strongly committed to the promotion of rules-based multilateralism, based on International Law.

"In this context, we will work with all members of the United Nations to support the system of collective security established by the Charter, with particular emphasis on the prohibition of the use or threat of use of force."

Regarding the priorities that characterise the Greek candidacy, Dendias made special reference to the issues concerning security and the safeguarding of free navigation, since, as he said, Greece will work in the Council to further promote the principles of the Law of the Sea.

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