Maria Tsalla was actually Irina Alexandrovna Smireva: The Russian exposed by Greek intelligence for spying

Maria Tsalla russian spy in greece

The arrest of a Russian woman in Slovenia, revelations about "Maria Tsalla", and the fact that this name leads to a baby who was born in December 1991 but died immediately, exposed Irina Alexandrovna Smireva - a Russian spy, who was living a double life under a stolen identity.

She appeared as a simple everyday girl who did not draw many eyes. At the same time though, the 35-year-old was, according to her legalisation papers, 33-year-old "Maria Tsalla", a photographer by cover who managed to penetrate Greek society and become a part of it for five years.

She allegedly carried out mission for the Russian secret service. Until January, the Russian secret service withdrew her as they had information that she had been identified by the National Intelligence Service (EYP) of Greece and that it was only a matter of time before her arrest.

In the high echelons of the EYP, they waited two months for Irina to return from Moscow. They approached her partner of two years in Greece and her employee at the "Galazio" store in Pakrati. There, they found out that, due to a serious health problem, she will not return to Greece.

Instead, they have now publicised the case in an attempt to gather further evidence of her action.

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