Sakis Arseniou became a father for the first time - The photos from the maternity ward

Sakis Arseniou

Sakis Arseniou and his wife, Lamprini Plevri, had their first child, as the singer proudly announced with a post on Instagram.

The couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who, as Sakis Arseniou has revealed, will be named Konstantinos-Ephraim.

Through his personal profile, the singer shared some photos with his son and his wife, through the maternity ward and shortly after the birth. In one of the snapshots, Sakis Arseniou holds the baby in his arms and smiles.

He accompanied the photo with the message: "Words are poor. The greatest miracle and achievement of my life. Welcome my prince. My beautiful, I love you."

See the post:

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Along the way, he uploaded other photos via stories. In one of them, he and Lamprini Plevri are seen holding the baby and smiling. Finally, he shared with his social media followers some of the well wishes he received.

Among them are Maria Antona and Aris Souledis.

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In December, the singer was a guest on the show "Who's in the morning" and, among other things, mentioned his wife and the wedding they will have.

About their relationship, he said: "We met by chance through a mutual friend. If someone had told me last year that 'you will be in such a situation in a year, you will be expecting a child, you will get married,' I would have told him 'go to a doctor, I will pay for it'. It didn't cross my mind."

Sakis Arseniou spoke after his interview about the wedding and the baptism that will take place.

The singer specifically said: "Lamprini and I have been together very little, we've been together for eight months. At five I proposed to her."

"She is an athlete, she is a very sweet person, she supports me. We are in love. Things come from where you least expect it. I think I'm in the best phase of my life. I've gone crazy, it makes sense I guess. First we will have a wedding and a baptism together," Arseniou said.

As for the name they will give the little one, he revealed: “We will name the child Konstantinos-Ephraim."

"Konstantinos is my father's. Ephraim because at some point I had gone to worship Saint Ephraim in Nea Makri and while I was prostrating I said to myself if a boy comes out I will give him the name of my father and Saint Ephraim."

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