India helped Turkey negotiate with Russia, says Jaishankar

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that New Delhi helped Turkey negotiate with Russia.

When speaking at the India Today Conclave, Jaishankar said, "The Turkish minister asked if I could talk to Lavrov."

He said that the conversation helped the Turkish government to some extent while negotiating with Russia.

The foreign minister also spoke about how India could play a role in de-escalating the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He said, "In the real world, you don't predict. When I was in New York, the Ukrainian PM met me and discussed the nuclear plant issue. This is an open question. Whenever there was an opportunity, we tried to help."

When the external minister was asked what he wants the outcome of India's G20 presidency to be, he said, "You want me to predict a whole match ahead of the series? I am positive. We were the first country who consulted most countries before others. We asked 125 countries what they want."

He also spoke about how the Russia-Ukraine war sidetracked the G-20's progress.

"The G-20 was invented to look at global goals and growth. It was side-tracked due to the Ukraine invasion." He added, "Russia-Ukraine war aggravated the world crisis."

The minister also took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi. He said, "Rahul Gandhi's one word for China is harmony and for India its discord."

Jaishankar also said that ties with China would not be normal if border agreements are breached. "There will be no normal ties with China if border agreements are breached," he added.

Speaking about the rise of India, Jaishankar said, "I think we have today set ourselves up. China did that."

He also stressed that India needs to build deep industrial strengths and technologies.

"We don't have deep industrial strengths or technology like China. Countries have to build deep strengths for aspirations," he highlighted.

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