Which Greek weapon awakens the worst fears in the Turkish military?

greek weapon Greece to pay €2 billion for the purchase of 18 French-made Rafale fighter jets

There is one particular Greek weapon in possession of the Greek air force that awakens the worst fears of the Turkish military, who continue to provoke Greece at air and sea,

Those who ardently supported the purchase of the Rafale did not only have in mind the French fighter jets excellent aerial combat capabilities. What made it a game-changer in the Aegean was its ability to carry some of the most modern weapons currently available in the world.

The most feared of these weapons is the Meteor missile, which has shifted the balance of power over the Aegean (and even beyond…).

The characteristics of the specific long-range air-to-air missile were announced on the website of the Air Force:

Warhead: High Explosive Blast Fragmentation
Range: 200 km
Weight: 190 kg
Length: 3.65 m
Diameter: 17.8 cm
Speed: >4 Mach

Among the above characteristics, the formidable range of 200 kilometers stands out, which is far superior to the AIM 120 that the Turkish air force has.

This means that a Greek Rafale can release the missile from a significantly greater distance than the Turkish counterpart can, thus creating a significant feeling of superiority for the Greek wings.

The Meteor has another “hidden” gift that is just as important as its range and speed. It is called a RamJet type propulsion which allows it to stay in flight for much longer due to lower consumption and hit where you least expect it.

The existence of a Meteor missile in the arsenal of the Greek pilots changes the balance between Greece and Turkey as the Turkish pilots are aware that a Rafale can launch a Meteor from the other side of Greece against them without being able to do anything.

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