World Sindhi Congress protests against Pakistan's human rights violations at UNHRC building

World Sindhi Congress

The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) held a large protest in front of the UNHRC building in Geneva during its 52nd Session on March 16.

The protest was held against the ongoing human rights atrocities perpetrated by Pakistan against the Sindhi people.

The was joined by the exiled leaders of Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and human rights defenders from various countries of Europe.

The speakers reiterated that Pakistan continues to commit heinous crimes against Sindhi, Baloch, Kashmiri and Pashtun people through enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, persecution of religious minorities, looting and occupation of their resources.

WSC representatives said the human rights violations in Sindh are increasing by day and perpetrators carry with impunity and no recourse to justice is available.

Sindhi people, after seven months, continue to suffer from the worst devastation of rains and floods impacting more than 20 million people of Sindh brought by the criminal negligence of the Pakistan government.

WSC delegation during the 52nd Session of the UNHRC in Geneva presented the case of Sindhi people on enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, criminal negligence of Pakistan government during rains and floods, discrimination and suppression of Sindhi language, persecution of Sindhi Hindus and occupation of lands and resources of Sindhi people.

The delegation also spoke about the violation of human rights in Sindh, including the killing of political activists, the forced conversion of Sindhi girls, and the rehabilitation of flood victims.

The UN report suggests that even after seven months’ millions of people in Sindh are surrounded by stagnant waters hungry and shelterless suffering poverty, disease and displacement. The Pakistan government has miserably failed to provide basic help to millions of flood victims.

In the end, a memorandum was presented to the UN Secretary-General requesting the UN and the International Community to set up a committee to investigate the floods and how to stop the genocide of Sindhi people using floods and support their relief and rehabilitation.

They also pressed upon Pakistan to stop human rights atrocities against Sindhi and other marginalised sections in Pakistan.

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