Evangelia dances in the heart of Melbourne: "Spreading Cretan pentozali one city at a time" - VIDEO

Evangelia melbourne

Greek singer Evangelia was in Australia to perform in Sydney and Melbourne. This was of course the perfect opportunity the singer to show off her Cretan dancing skills.

Originally from Crete, she has been living permanently in the USA for the last few years but often expresses the love she has for Greece, which is also confirmed through her recent post on Instagram.

The 30-year-old artist, who became famous through her collaboration with Eleni Foureira, but also her nomination to represent Greece in Eurovision, stood in the centre of Melbourne, to give the Australian city a taste of Crete.

Wearing a fuchsia suit, Evangelia performed the traditional Cretan dance on a high street in Melbourne and shared the clip with her 91.5k online friends on Instagram.

"Spreading cretan pentozali one city at a time," the singer wrote on a caption on the video.


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