It’s official: these are the best (and worst) Greek islands according to which?

Kefalonia Greece

Which? Travel Survey asked 1,000 readers to rate their fave Greek islands.

Ahead of travellers booking their next spring or summer vacay, Which? has asked 1,000 people to help them reveal the best Greek islands.

The survey included questions about the islands’ beaches, scenery, cuisine and value for money. Responders were also asked to rate tourist attractions, accommodation options, shopping opportunities, and the peace and quiet the island offered.

With an 85 percent destination score, the island of Kefalonia was the clear winner of the survey. The mountainous island was the only one in the survey to score five stars for peace and quiet. It’s known for its breathtaking scenery, sandy beaches, welcoming vineyards and more.

The runner-ups were Lefkada and Skiathos, two Greek islands that offer both dreamy beaches and heaps of history. Lefkada, tranquil and pristine, is where you can enjoy waterfront tavernas, boat trips and windsurfing opportunities. Siakthos, on the other hand, is home to the Evangelistria Monastery, where the monks produce olive oil and wine, and 62 glorious beaches. Plus, if you take a boat to Lalaria, legend has it that a swim through the beach's natural rock arch will give you eternal youth.

Crete, with an 83 percent destination score, came third. As Greece's biggest island, it's not surprising that it attracts more than five million visitors per year. And while the north coast might feel overcrowded with tourists, the southern regions offer travellers more personal space, unspoilt beaches, and opportunities to buy fresh olive oil, honey, figs and almonds.

Bottom of the list came Mykonos. It might be known for its vibrant nightlife and A-lister guests, but popularity comes at a price. In Mykonos’ case, it leads to overpriced food and drink, overcrowded beaches, and expensive accommodation.

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