The "Greek" student who gets angry over a math exercise and conquered social media

theeuropeankid the european kid student

The reaction of a young man, who most claim to be a student from Greece, although his accent betrays a different origin, has been going viral on the internet. In the released videos, it is noted that the "student" is at a university abroad with the student exchange program, Erasmus.

In the snapshot that has conquered social media, we see the young man in front of a blackboard, as he has been asked to solve a math exercise. He is heard at the beginning boasting how he is from Greece and that his great-great-grandfather was Aristotle.

The comments under the videos on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook are many and varied. There are many who insist that the young man is not even from Greece, while most focus on the fact that the student combined Algebra with Aristotle.

In addition, many emphasise that his behaviour is a defamation of the country, while there are those who believe that he is right.

Whatever the video, it causes laughter, which is necessary these days. Watch this:

@theeuropeankidHe referred to the profesor as “my freind”😂♬ original sound - European kid

And not to be left wondering, the young man is a well-known tiktoker, who creates humorous videos. His Tik Tok name is #theeuropeankid and his videos focus on specific behaviors of Europeans.

Check out some more of his videos:

@theeuropeankidHe only does extra extra virgin 🥰♬ original sound - European kid

@theeuropeankidHe called himself an academic weapon😳♬ original sound - European kid

@theeuropeankid professor asked him to leave again😅 #class #university #america #roast #european #student #americans #foryou #europe #college #fyp #culture #classroom #comment ♬ original sound - European kid

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