Is the Formula 1 coming to Athens?

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Bernie Ecclestone, the then powerful man in the crown of motorsport, said to the Greek government in 2008 that he wanted to see the Formula 1 with the Acropolis in the background. But he himself, with the excessive demands he set, essentially made it impossible to become a reality.

The facts have changed since then though. Now the American media company that has bought the rights to Formula 1 makes new promotions and communication that the car racing championship a top priority.

So what could be more spectacular than a Formula 1 race in the city that gave the lights of civilization to Europe, with a seaside background and endless blue.

The Athenian Grand Prix can be held, and indeed not on a track. Something similar will happen this year with the new GP in Las Vegas, where the race will take place on public roads and is expected to surpass even Monaco in terms of interest and turnover.


According to News Auto, the place that will soon be a candidate to host GP Athens, is Elliniko, and specifically the streets and the metropolitan park of "The Ellinikon" built by Lamda Development.

In fact, in the studies submitted by the construction companies, it has been requested to take into account the possibility of easy adaptation, according to the needs of such a huge event and without disturbing residents and businesses.

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NewsAuto learned that the organisers of F1 have been stunned by what is in store at Elliniko and are ready to give the green light even before the full completion of this particular track.

After all, Elliniko will combine all the features of many GPs together: It will have a sea, marinas for yachts, greenery, it will have hotels, casinos, it will take place on roads and all of this will be combined in one of the most historic cities in the world...

Undoubtedly with the Greek, but also with the corresponding political and business will, Greece will have a unique opportunity to easily enter the Formula 1 calendar, which already has dozens of cities in the world waiting as candidates...