Microsoft data centre progress in Greece


Following the adoption, in April 2022, of strategic investment status by the three Microsoft data centres, the next milestone for the 1-billion-euro investment is the start of construction of the facilities that will store the data and information trafficked through the internet. This is expected to happen this year, with the company proceeding to secure the required building permits for the data centres planned in the business parks of Spata and Koropi, in eastern Attica.

The implementation of the investments has been undertaken by the Greek subsidiary of the American technology group Microsoft Operations 4733 Hellas, which recently published the financial statements for the first corporate year from August 3, 2021, to June 30, 2022.

The company, whose object is the installation and operation of the three data centres and the provision of related services, showed a turnover of €635,800. According to the financial report for its first corporate year, four months ago, in October 2022, Microsoft Operations 4733 Hellas proceeded to purchase a plot worth €6.23 million, the location of which is not specified by the company, but it is certainly related to its planned investment in Greece.

In May 2021, the Greek subsidiary of the multinational group bought two plots of land in the area of Voulia Prokalissi on Pikermiou Avenue with a total area of 50,700 square meters for €14 million. Some of the actions carried out by the company concern the signing, last December, of an €8.1 million contract for the installation of a medium-voltage power station.

Based on Microsoft’s investment plan, one of the three data centres will be built on a total area of 85,000 sq.m. consisting of two plots of land in the Spata business park, with a capacity of 19.2 megawatts.

The other two data centres, with a capacity of 9.6 MW, will be implemented in the Koropi business park, while all of them will be in a functional relationship with each other.

According to Microsoft’s schedule, the three data centres are estimated to be completed by 2025.