Pakistan: Digital security becomes primary ‘concern’ for Independent journalists

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Journalists in Pakistan continue to live a tough life as several Independent journalists in the country have raised concerns related to digital security, The Friday Times reported.

Several journalists have been asked to provide their laptop and mobile phone passwords during investigations, violating their right to privacy and source protections, violating their right to privacy and source protection.

For journalists who seek to expose the truth about individuals in authority, this situation is disturbing. Journalists must weigh the dangers and repercussions of speaking out, assume responsibility for digital defences, use encryption, safely erase material, and make sure that any digital Dropbox is anonymous and secure in order to safeguard sources.

As per the Friday Times, the potential repercussions of investigative journalism are highlighted by the Government’s violation of the Protection of Journalists and Media Professionals Act 2021 and the demand for access to journalists’ devices.

Journalists must safeguard themselves and their sources, which includes deploying digital defences and safely erasing government-provided material.

“I was arrested from my home in Lahore; it was surprising because I had no idea regarding my nomination in the case. The FIA had neither summoned me nor issued any notice before making the arrest,” said Bol News journalist Shahid Aslam, who was arrested on January 13 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), according to the Friday Times.

Pakistan has consistently ranked low on indices rating freedom of expression, even online spaces are no different, especially when it comes to press freedom in the country.

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