A Greek-owned ship rescued Russians, Brazilian in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

greek-owned ship

A Greek-owned ship actively participated in the rescue of shipwrecks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far from the shores.

The newly built 61,000-ton bulk carrier "Sounion", owned by the family of Thanasis Laskaridis, responded on March 16 to a distress signal from a small yacht while sailing 200 miles off the coast of Chile.

The trimaran "Russian Ocean Way" was urgently calling for help after a mechanical problem.

As it turned out, there were a Brazilian and two Russians on board, as well as a dog, who went around the world with their boat. They had just set off from Chile to cross the Pacific Ocean, with their first destination being Easter Island, when the problem occurred.

The three travelers are in good health and will continue by another means.

Laskaridis Maritime SA emphasises that its vessels always respond to requests for assistance and prioritize search and rescue operations.

On Instagram, Russian Ocean Way wrote: "On the night of March 16, the crew of the trimaran urgently contacted the head of the coastal headquarters, Yulia Kalyuzhnaya. Travelers reported that the trimaran had broken steering and lost control.

"Yulia Kalyuzhnaya immediately organized a rescue operation involving the Armada of Chile and the Armada of Easter Island. They relayed information about the incident to the crew of the ship, which was heading towards Chile.

"Now the expedition team has been evacuated to the Brazilian ship. The trimaran is towed behind the ship.

"Yulia Kalyuzhnaya is awaiting the arrival of the crew in Chile in order to discuss further actions."

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