Mold, spiders and dirt: Greek Youtubers visit the worst hotel in Kosovo

Kosovo hotel greek youtubers

A video recently uploaded to the channel of Greek YouTuber Konilo shows us first-hand what they witnessed at a hotel in Kosovo.

How many would dare to visit a place with many negative reviews? Certainly few. Even fewer, however, would go to stay at the worst-rated hotel at a location.

This is what three Youtubers - KarpouziFetaGaming, Anna Maria Vellis and Konilo, decided to do in their new video during their recent visit to Kosovo.

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We had seen this concept recently on KarpouziFetaGaming's channel, with the Youtuber visiting the worst hotel in Albania and Bulgaria with his friends.

The hotel with the worst reviews on TripAdvisor was old and dirty. The three YouTubers found in their room garbage, used things, mold and moisture on the walls, spiders, and even dead insects, which no one had cleaned.

The video:

However, the remarkable thing about the video is that they somehow managed to sleep through all of this and leave the hotel the next morning.

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