Opa Kipos: A little piece of Greece in Mumbai

Opa Kipos Mumbai Greek restaurant india greece

Opa Kipos is a little piece of Greece in India's megacity Mumbai. With its Cycladic architecture and a modern twist on traditional Greek foods, Vogue India, along with six editors, racapped their favourite dishes from the restaurant.

Here's what they had to say.

Vrutika Shah, Digital Editor

Opa Kipos Hummus

When you first enter Opa Kipos, you’re immediately transported to Santorini. The whites and blues, complemented by the pink Bougainvillea plants and evil eye charms are a visual treat and will be the elements you soak in till you get to your table.

Serving top-level hospitality, the chef introduced us first to himself, then to the eatery’s signature hummus and the warm and fluffy zaatar breads. With every bite, you’ll experience a kick of garlic that will make you want to double-dip, over and over again.

Even though it’s a simple recipe, it’s tough to get the dip just right; but Opa’s Hummus definitely makes me want to come back for more.

Shriya Zamindar, Fashion Features Writer

Opa Kipos Burrata salad
Opa Kipos Burrata salad

Whether you’re sunning in Mykonos or nesting in bustling Bombay, I always favour a refreshing salad in the balmy temperatures next to the sea.

The burrata salad at Opa was a flavourful and welcome palette cleanser from its heavier counterparts on the table. It was the spirit of spring captured in a very simplistic and light spoonful.

Rupangi Grover, Fashion Assistant

Opa Kipos Greek salad Jure Ursic
Greek salad Jure Ursic

On my first trip to Greece, I ate at this small, family-run restaurant where I tasted Spanakopita for the first time. Not one to order spinach-based dishes when I go out to eat, this crispy pastry filled with feta and spinach was a game-changer for me.

The spinach pie at Opa is a warm Greek hug; filled with leek, spinach, dill and feta cheese in a flaky golden phyllo pastry—a must-try.

Sadaf Shaikh, Features Editor

Opa Kipos Soft shell crab gyros
Soft shell crab gyros

I ate an authentic Baklava on a trip to Turkey many moons ago and it changed my life. Ever since, I’ve been looking for its equal in Mumbai but my search so far has been elusive. I think the Opa Baklava Sundae gave me a little of that Anton Ego flashback when he tastes the ratatouille made by Remy.

Composed of a crispy phyllo cup filled with pistachio cream, homemade pistachio caramel and Greek yoghurt ice cream and pieces of baklava topped with caramel sauce, it really is the perfect end to a sumptuous meal.

Chloe Chou, Junior Writer and Editorial Assistant

Opa Kipos Mushroom Pastitsio
Mushroom Pastitsio

If you like lasagna, you'll love the Mushroom Pastitsio at Opa. A Greek specialty, pastitsio is an oven-baked dish with pasta, wild mushrooms, béchamel sauce, fresh truffle and parmesan. Each bite is full of flavour and the texture is wonderfully creamy without feeling too heavy.

I’d suggest pairing it with a side of Greek salad for they both complement each other well.

Serendipitously, it was my birthday eve and our dinner turned into an incredible session of dancing and entertainment courtesy of Opa’s “dinner and a show” modus operandi. Being the designated birthday girl invariably resulted in multiple cakes.

It started with sparklers and the gorgeous Opa Chocolate Column—a creamy, rich chocolate cake in the shape of a quintessential Greek palatial column. Topped with a creamy sauce and edible flowers, it was divine.

Then came cake number two: the Opa Baklava Sundae: an inspiring spin on the Mediterranean layered filo pastry with crisp flakes topped with ice cream.

The cherry on top? A third cake (!) The Chocolate Piato, to be thrown from a certain height for dramatic effect.

Three cakes on one birthday eve; I’d call Opa Kipos the perfect place to ring in any special day.

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