Sex fraternity in Athens: The rules, the "ticket" and the dress code

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Scenes from Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut", with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman unfolded in Athens because members of a secret sexual fraternity engaged in a night of debauchery, which they called a "secret meeting," inviting those interested to a "sacred marriage ceremony."

In fact, the evening in question was accompanied by a special invitation.

"Let his will be done. The gates will open, the great protector will be revealed. Obedience. The moment of the great return has arrived," was written in the invitation, among other things.

The instructions

The fraternity, according to Espresso News, is named Janus (inspired by the two-faced deity of the ancient Romans), while before the ritual took place, they had made sure to give clear instructions to its members through the secret invitation.

According to it, men could enter only with a female partner, while they would also be in disguise. Among other things, the terms and instructions were explicit and inviolable.

"No guest will be allowed to enter without a female partner. The men come wearing black pants, black shoes and a white shirt. Females will remain in only their underwear under the disguise. Those entering the venue will wear a mask on their face, which will not be removed throughout the evening."

Code names

But in order to protect against any revelations that would leak their identity, the members of the fraternity in question had prepared an entire security plan.

Specifically, to enter the space was a code name that everyone had received and a secret password. The code, the time of arrival, the slogan, and the location where the… ritual would take place were announced the day before by e-mail, which only the heads of the fraternity knew.

In fact, it had been known to them that the guests would arrive a few minutes apart from each other.

As for the exact time of arrival? This would be written in the e-mail with each guest's secret password.

The participation fee is 250 euros

And the revelations don't stop there. According to the report, the cost of participating was 250 euros per couple, with participation including an open bar and disguise. Finally, it is worth noting that to this day the place where the said orgy took place remains a secret.

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