THESSALONIKI: Police suspect murder-suicide attempt involving father and twin toddlers

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Authorities suspect that 62-year-old man attempted a murder-suicide after he locked himself in a car with his twin toddlers, a boy and a girl aged 2.5 years old, and opened a gas canister on Sunday. The man is now being held under guard at the 424 Military Hospital in Thessaloniki.

The incident was reported by the man's former wife and the mother of the twins, who called the police. Police officers broke the windscreen and rescued the children and their father, arriving in the nick of time as there was a strong smell of gas. They were all in a semi-unconscious state.

The two children were taken to Ippokratio General Hospital in an ambulance, where they are being treated and are considered to be out of danger. One of the police officers who responded to the incident was also overcome by the strong smell of gas and needed to be given first aid.

The 62-year-old, who is reportedly a retired air force officer, was taken to hospital but is also expected to make a full recovery.

Police searched the car and found a second gas canister in the boot, which unlike the first was still sealed. The retired air force officer will be charged and a preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Thessaloniki Police Crimes Against Life department.

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