Stefanos Tsitsipas separated from Theodora Petalas

Stefanos Tsitsipas separated from Theodora Petalas

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Theodora Petalas have ended their relationship, according to the show "Our Breakfast".

Tsitsipas and his ex-partner decided to separate as the distance and the many trips the Greek tennis star makes has made their relationship difficult, according to the report of the show.

Stefanos Tsitsipas will seemingly dedicate himself to tennis exclusively.

In an interview in 2021 with Down Town magazine, Stefanos Tsitsipas had revealed the background of their relationship, saying they first met in New York.

Theodora Petalas was born in Greece to a German mother and a Greek father and lives permanently in New York. Her father is a businessman, while her family has famililial ties to the Dutch royal house.

She now works in London as a junior strategist for a branding and marketing agency.

Before moving to the UK, she was living in the United States, where she studied at New York University.

She graduated with a bachelor of arts and a master of science specialising in project management and technology.

Tsitsipas confirmed in 2021 that he started dating Petalas two years previously. It is believed they met through family friends in New York.

The tennis ace said: "I liked her very much, but I was shy then and did not express my feelings.

"But two years ago, again in New York, I asked her out on a date.

"I asked her to go to Brooklyn to snap some photos and I think she liked that. I did take some photos, which to this day are my favourites.

However, the relationship remains long distance, and Petalas is not a regular at Tsitsipas' matches.

He said of the situation: “It’s a little difficult for us, because she lives in London. But thankfully it hasn’t brought us to extremes.

"She comes to some tournaments to support me and so we can spend some time together. She is my best friend... We talk every day, for two or three years now."

Photos of them from joint appearances made the rounds of the internet, as they were rarely "spotted" by the paparazzi lens.

See their photos:

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