Superyacht named 007 that sank after running aground off Greek beach refloated


An A160ft James Bond-themed superyacht named 007 has set sail once more just months after it sank and was left abandoned by its millionaire owner.

The vessel - thought to be owned by a Swiss businessman but had been sailing under a British flag - was deserted off the coast of Greece after it capsized and was overturned.

Originally left just 49ft (15 metres) from the picturesque Kolona Bay on the island of Kythnos, the superyacht had remained in the water since the incident in September last year.

But after Greek authorities informed the owner, through a bailiff, that they had one month to resolve the situation and remove the boat from the stunning shoreline or face severe fines, the superyacht has been retrieved.

Now, after six months, 007 has been lifted from the sea and is ready to set sail again.

The mayor of Kythnos, Stamatis Garderis, who has been working to remove the sunken ship from the paradise, announced the vessel's recovery.

He wrote on Facebook in Greek: 'Ready to set sail. It's a matter of hours before 007 is removed.'

He posted pictures of the superyacht being lifted out of the sea on Kolona beach, a narrow strip of land connecting Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas.

The boat originally capsized after its GPS malfunctioned. It allegedly led the boat towards the shore before it started lifting heavily on the port side as water started pouring in.