Despina Vandi adored Vasilis Bisbikis at the premiere of his new show

Despina Vandi, Vasilis Bisbikis

Last night, Vasilis Bisbikis premiered on the Main Stage of Stegi with the show "Crime and Punishment".

After the performances "Men and Mice" and "Red Lights", Bisbikis, drawing inspiration from Fyodor Dostoyevsky's iconic novel, transferred the story to the Athens of 2023.

The actor's side could not be without his beloved Despina Vandi, who was there to cheer and applaud her beloved.

Through her Instagram, the singer uploaded two stories. One was from the finale of the show where she did not hide her excitement.

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In the second story, Vandi and Bisbikis leave the theatre together.

"The best moment. Just in time to come home after such a great premiere,” Vandi wrote in her comment.

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About the show

Vasilis Bisbikis became unrecognisable for his role in "Crime and Punishment". The actor directs and stars and for the needs of the role, he had to be fat and with more kilos.

"The one you see is Vasilis Bisbikis. With prosthetic legs, belly, because he plays a fat man. Disguise doesn't happen in Hollywood. It is indeed Vasilis Bisbikis and tell me if we didn't reveal it, if you knew it was Bisbikis," commented Giorgos Liagas.

The play "Crime and Punishment: Athens", which is based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, premiered yesterday and will be played, from Wednesday to Sunday at Stegi.

"Crime and Punishment: Athens" comes with a troupe of 20 actors to tell a "new" story, a "new" Raskolnikov, performed by Theodoris Skyftoulis, in an extremely realistic manner under the direction of Bisbikis.

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