Human rights report 'defames Greece' and government practices, says SYRIZA

SYRIZA human rights

Greece has been "globally defamed" through the recent release of the US State Department's report on human rights in Greece, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Popi Tsapanidou said on Thursday.

Tsapanidou referred to the Greek section of the US State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2022, released on Monday, which mentioned issues related to migrants, detainees, and freedom of the press.

"The State Department's report is not news to us; we knew about [these] and we are experiencing them," Tsapanidou said.

What constitutes news, she said, "is Greece's global defamation, on the eve of our national holiday, by a government and a prime minister that promised us a national resurgence and led us to a national humiliation." This is not a Greece Greeks deserve, she added.

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