Psychiatrist on Paparizou's belief that "children are sexless" - "Some people make irrelevant statements at irrelevant times"

Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou became a topic of discussion after her recent statements, where she stated, among other things, that: "All children are born sexless, I also had doubts about my sexuality."

Psychiatrist Dimitrios Souras, who often takes a public position on current issues, also commented on what the singer said in an interview.

On the show "Super Katerina", he opposed what he heard Elena Paparizou say.

In more detail, he said:

“I can't understand what sexual desire has to do with biological sexes. There are some people who make irrelevant statements at irrelevant times. In the animal kingdom, some lizard is third cousins ​​of the iguana and are born asexual.

"Our children have had a gender since the foundation of the world. It is a dangerous statement because it has a large audience – mostly young – our children imitate and listen. Very easily some children will make up their minds that they have no gender and are asexual.

"It is reckless because it has nothing to do with the sexual orientation we accept and respect."

The singer was a guest on Pride 98.6's "Pop Revolution" podcast, where she narrated very personal moments from her life regarding depression and people's sexuality.

Initially, Paparizou said: "The first time I had depression, the specialist at school picked up on it. I had a religious reaction and didn't know where I belonged, what to believe. I continue to be close to the church, as is my whole family.

"Everyone carries his 'church' in the way they know how to have it inside him. When I was a child I was also a Buddhist. When I was 13, my whole world turned upside down. A psychologist started monitoring me then at school.

"I had a gay friend since I was little, we were 12-13 years old. He knew what it was. To me it's perfectly normal for someone to feel that way.

"Am I going to sit and judge why a person feels and is what they are? Of course not! All children are born sexless. A straight couple knows what they do when the doors close.

"My sister's best friend was engaged to a girl. I also had doubts at the age of 13 about my sexuality."

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