Rent In Mykonos: "Last year we paid €8,000 for 40sq.m., this year they're asking for €12,000!"


The difficult living conditions in Mykonos are described in a special way by a former worker on the island, who was to return again this summer but his plans were wrecked due to the high rents demanded by the property owners for the duration of the summer season, from May to the end of September.

As he explained, the owner of the house he lived in last year had given it to him for 8,500 euros. This year - while the owner had promised to keep it at the same price - he finally increased the rent by a massive amount.

This is how the former worker in Mykonos, Kostas Spanos, describes his experience :

"I would like to mention some things about what is happening in Mykonos and our personal experience that we had this year!!

"Last year we had stayed in Ornos in a very good house and we had paid 8,500 for the season!! And while in December we talked to the owner, he said that he will give us the house again at the same price!!

"A few days ago the owner 'sold' us and informed us that the house will not be given to us again this year. He hung up on us!! In the meantime we arranged jobs in the intervening period which we canceled today!!

"Yesterday and today I was looking for a house from morning to night from friends, acquaintances, strangers, on the street, ads, brokers, knocking on doors, even on the ship after Tinos I was asking about a house!!

"Well, I didn't find a single house over 40 square meters and not one of them less than 12,000!! Even crazier is that they want everything in front and everything in black!!

"This means that anyone who wants to live decently in Mykonos and not in basements (10,000 euros) or in holes with cockroaches and other living creatures will have to spend a minimum of 2,000 euros per month for accommodation alone (it is not 2,000e/month because the season is less from 6 months for most)!!

"Personal expenses 500-600 per month to survive, not to 'live'!! So a couple needs minimum 18,000-20,000 to live decently!! How much money can a seasonal employee ask for from the hotelier, restaurateur, etc???

"In conclusion, take care there in Mykonos because in a short time you will have a new first: in the job vacancies!! You won't find anyone to work!! You will not be able to serve your customers!! You won't find any staff that stay like when I was in the army!!

"And with the prices you have, will be reflected by your customers on booking, trip advisor, etc.!!"

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