Athens Strike: No metro on Tuesday - What the workers want

athens metro strike

The Athens Metro Operators Union is going on a 24-hour strike due to the problems that make it difficult to carry out the Fixed Communications transportation project. Therefore, lines 2 and 3 of the Metro will not operate on Tuesday, March 28.

In their announcement, the workers mentioned shortages in specialised personnel – drivers, technicians, station masters, while they talk about shortages in spare parts and new wires.

"For us railway workers, it is the right time, in agreement with the demands of French workers and after the tragic accident in Tempi, to highlight the consequences of the privatisation policies, the anti-labour laws on pensions, on labour agreements, of the poverty and unemployment that now threatens the entire planet," the announcement said.

Among other problems raised by the union were a shortage of some 847 staff in various positions, the lack of new trains and of parts for trains and other rail infrastructure, the failure to uphold agreements and the need to update and review procedures for work on the lines and the network, as well as others.

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