Coca-Cola Greece redesigns its packaging "For A World Without Waste"

coca-cola greece

At a time when the planet faces exhausting natural resources, climate change, and pollution, recycling plays an important role in reducing plastics that often end up polluting our ecosystems, thus making it all more important to ensure major companies Coca-Cola are being environmentally conscious.

According to research, most plastic waste is created from product packaging that we use in our daily lives and do not recycle properly.

Coca-Cola in Greece (Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon and Coca-Cola Hellas) is true to its vision "For A World Without Waste" and in order to contribute to reducing plastic waste, it is changing its packaging on all soft drinks, juices and drinks in its portfolio.

At the same time, the drink company created an informative campaign - "Together Forever".

The new design concerns the company's plastic bottles in which the caps are now non-removable.

In this way, Coca-Cola ensures that the caps will be properly recycled, along with the rest of the packaging, and will not end up as waste. The company implements the European Directive and the relevant Greek legislation one year earlier than the 2024 provided by the respective deadlines.


In the renewed packages, the caps remain attached to the safety ring of each bottle, offering proper opening and at the same time facilitating the recycling process.

With this simple move, an increase in the amount of recycled materials and a reduction in waste is immediately achieved, and the principles of the circular economy are put into practice.

At the same time, Coca-Cola with these new packages is gradually fulfilling the goal it has set for 2030, to recycle one package for each one that is on the market.

As part of its broader strategy for a more sustainable future, the company, among other things through increasing recycling rates, has implemented two more important initiatives.

Since 2018, it has created the Zero Waste Future social platform, through which more than 2,000 tons of recyclable materials have been collected to date. In 2022, it adopted the innovative KeelClip ™ packaging for aluminum multipacks, thus eliminating the plastic film that surrounded the packages.

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