Netflix Maestro In Blue: Meet Klelia Andriolatou


Maestro in Blue (known as Maestro in Greece) premiered on Mega TV in Greece of October 2022 and quickly became a viewer  favourite. The hit Greek series written and directed by Christopher Papakaliatis, was quickly picked up by Netflix for international distribution. Just 5 months later, the series was released on Netflix worldwide on March 17, 2023.

In its first Netflix release week Maestro in Blue landed in the top 10 in 31 countries.



By now most have watched, re-watching, or in the midst of watching Maestro In Blue and deeply invested in the series, its characters and the actors who portray them.

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Meet Klelia Andriolatou, the female protagonist of  the series Maestro In Blue, her character also named Klelia. Klelia in the series is an 18-year-old who is preparing to take exams at the Music School. She grew up in Paxos with a passion for playing the piano and music is the only thing that  fuels her desires and gives her strength to move forward. She is beautiful, strong, intelligent and determined to succeed in life and all she has her sights set on. Her acquaintance with Orestis will awaken her first true love and the will to claim him.

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The beautiful young actress was born in Thessaloniki on October 12, 1996. Klelia entered the world of modelling at 14-years-old and still collaborates and represents brands such as JCou Watches.

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Her standout role in Maestro In Blue has shot the 26-year-old to international stardom but before that at the age of 18, she made her acting debut in ANT1's popular soap opera series, Brousko. That exeprience ignited her passion for acting, leading her to graduate from the 'Athens Conservatoire' (Greek: Odeion Athinon), the oldest educational institution for the performing arts in modern Greece, founded as a non-profit organisation in 1871.

In an interview Klelia gave to Greece's Zappit about her most memorable moment in the successful series Maestro In Blue, the actress recounts, "All days were one of the same. Masterpieces. In the final episode, the festival scene, Orestiis’ arrival to set up takes place. There was a moment when all of us actors were in boats and Haris Alexiou could be heard singing all over the island. The camera was coming and we couldn't perform to film because we were all sobbing.” The actress continues to explain the emotional moving moment, "We felt the immensity, an opening in the heart. It was like a fairytale.”

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"We felt the immensity, an opening in the heart. It was like a fairytale"

Klelia Andriolatou's performance in Maestro In Blue is set to catapult her acting career into the international film industry stratosphere. With her star already shining bright, we're certain to see her talents in acting and modelling go from strength to strength and look forward to seeing her character's story unfold in Season 2 of Maestro In Blue.


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