The first café for dogs opened in Athens!

dog cafe athens Ris Project Pagrati Ris Project Pangrati

If Athenians are looking for an animal-friendly place to drink their coffee or work away from home, now there is a café that prepares sugar-free sweets and healthy treats for dogs!

The first café aimed at dogs is, if nothing else, attracting all the eyes in the centre of Athens.

"We basically want the dogs that come through here to be served and happy and then their owners can also enjoy a coffee," co-owner Melina Coan told Live News.

There are cakes suitable for the diet of your little four-legged friend that visually do not differ in any way from those found in a usual pastry shop.

"Over here, our showcase includes sweets for our dogs. The bone-shaped pop-cake is the shop's specialty." And if you wonder what it tastes like: "We may see them just as delicious as candies, but this one tastes like sardines."

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Outside a café in Pagratio, dogs are happy and waiting for a delicious delicacy. A delicacy that even pet owners can try.

"It can be eaten by a human being, there is also that possibility. We rely on what we make so that people can eat it too."

They are prepared daily from cupcakes to cookies with varying flavours, without containing sugar and salt. Carob, peanut butter, chicken, turmeric and beet."

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Carrot cake.

After Gabi first enjoyed his walk, he knew that afterwards a delicious cake was waiting for him at the well-known hangout.

"I can come and drink coffee with my dog ​​and the dog can eat his treats from the same shop where I drink coffee. They served Gabi first and then me," said one owner.

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Ris Project Pangrati - Eratosthenous 27, Athina 116 35, Greece.

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