Vassy wins the 2023 EDMA ICON Award

Such an honour to win the 2023 EDMA ICON

On Friday, Greek-Australian singer Vassy Karagiorgos, AKA as VASSY, won the Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMA) in the “Icon” category.

Accepting the hardware live at the Fontainebleau in Miami, VASSY became the first woman to win the EDMA Icon Award.

"I came to this country from a small town in Australia called Darwin, from a humble, hard-working Greek family with a dream to pursue my passion," VASSY tells "I worked hard with integrity—it was not easy as it is a DJ-driven boys club genre, but I stayed true to myself, and the dance community at radio really embraced me and gave me the platform to be myself and share my art with the world. I’m beyond grateful and proud to say that being authentically myself throughout my career paid off. Ladies, women can too be icons in dance."

Her track, Pieces alongside Bingo Players and Disco Fries, is the MostAdded Dance Track In The U.S. and the third most-played song on dance radio in January this year.

“It's so amazing to see that ‘Pieces’ is the most added record at dance radio across the U.S.  It was exciting news for us all when notified by Media-Base that the song was placed right next to Drake and Megan Trainor as most added songs at Radio nationally in the U.S.  Now to see it climbing the charts & holding the #3 position (following David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren), as the most played song at dance radio across America is unreal," says VASSY.

The uplifting house track utilises slick production from Bingo Players and pop textures by Disco Fries. It reflects the power of love and its ability to lift any mood. 

VASSY says, "We have all been in a place where we have felt lost, alone and incomplete. The song intends to empower you and inspire you to conquer all your fears."