Christos Mastoras responds to allegations he kissed Despina Vandi on stage - Watch the video

By 6 months ago

Videos that show Christos Mastoras and Despina Vandi getting "very close" while performing in the nightclub where they sing have been making the rounds on the internet for the last few days and have been heavily discussed.

In the said videos, the two come within touching distance while performing their hits, with many thinking they kissed on the mouth.

Unsurprisingly, this caused a lot of backlash, with the singer taking care to clear things up with a post on Instagram.

After all, both he and Despina Vandi are in relationships, which puts their partners, apart from themselves, in a difficult position. Christos Mastoras is a couple with Garifalia Kalifoni, while as is known for a long time that Vandi with Vasilis Bisbikis.

In his publication, Christos Mastoras wanted to express his indignation at the length of the issue and to make it clear that his relationship with Despina Vandi is purely professional.

In his story he wrote: “I understand that you want to do your work, your numbers, your clicks with nice catchy titles. I have no problem and I don't blame anyone, but today's 'issue' makes me feel very uncomfortable.

"What I would like people to understand is that we also do a job, give a nice show and create a beautiful atmosphere to 'dress up' the evenings of those who come to Enastron and for everyone to have a great time.

"So there is no kiss, no smoke, no fire. But there is love, appreciation, respect and a lot of banter on stage."

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