Pantelis Toutountzis on Eleni Foureira: "She wanted to give me money to become a father, she's the kindest"

Pantelis Toutountzis Eleni Foureira

Pandelis Toutountzis spoke about the help that Eleni Foureira has offered him, pointing out how much she supported him when he was trying to create a family with his partner.

In statements on the "Super Katerina" show, the makeup artist spoke with the most tender words about Eleni Foureira, who is also the godmother of his children. They discussed a period of his life when he was trying to have children.

"Eleni was by my side from the first moment, she was my beacon. I will always say this, because some people, when you bend down they lift you up to complete your goal. They are the most important people who have come into our lives," he said initially.

"She didn't let me and my partner bend for a single moment.

"Even when I said that all this is not going anywhere and there is no solution, she was by my side and told me: everything I have is yours, all the money I have collected for all the years I have been working is at your disposal for exams or anything you need.

"This is also the touching thing. She said it and she meant it."

Finally, he emphasised that: "In difficult times, Eleni is the kindest soul I have met. That's why she became my children's godmother, not for appearances. Eleni bonds with people, just like me. Loving is a full job. I believe in old-school relationships, where we became like families."

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