Shocking car accident on the Perimetriki Patron (VIDEO)

shocking accident

A camera has captured a shocking accident on the Perimetriki Patron near Patras. The road connects the two ends of Greece's third city and relieves traffic in its centre, but there are also many accidents.

In the video recorded, one can see the car already moving at a fairly high speed, exceeding 90 km/h, when the limit is 50 km/h. Inside the tunnel, another car comes from the right, which at the last moment avoids a scooter.

The driver tries to overtake from the right, at a speed that is higher than 100 km/h.

When the black car exits the tunnel and enters the downhill section, the driver for some unknown reason loses control, and crashes into the central parapet. From then on, the situation gets out of hand and after doing some somersaults, it stops on the side of the road.

Fortunately, according to Auto News, the driver was only slightly injured.

However, the video is revealing of the Greek reality on the streets. Lack of education, lack of knowledge, illegal behaviour, no observance of speed limits, poorly constructed roads, and deaths and injuries of a third world level.

These are images of a Greece that we all know and we all come to terms with, because somewhere deep down we might not even want them to change...

See the video:

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