Legendary strip club in Kozani was demolished "again" (VIDEO)

strip club tease kozani

The scene from a movie where the Vietnam strip club was demolished was recreated in Kozani.

"Ilias... put it down," and...with the well-known "Tha paro fora" by Mary Marantis, they demolished the building of the old "Nero", which was located between Mavrodendri and Pontokomi, according to Kozani Media.

The legendary scene from "Everything is a road" by Pantelis Voulgaris, with the unique Giorgos Armenis before the demolition of the "Vietnam" was recreated in Pontokomi, in an idea by Dimitris Athanasiadis. The "bulldozer" demolished the once successful entertainment centre-striptease bar.

In particular, they also recreated the film before this building was demolished like "Vietnam", with the dialogues and the movements of the characters shot on video.

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