Panos Kiamos: "I got married, had three children and divorced, but the media didn't learn anything"

Panos Kiamos

Panos Kiamos gave a revealing interview and made a reference to his personal life.

The well-known singer spoke to Cosmoradio and explained the reasons why he prefers to keep some things out of the public eye.

“I got married, had three kids and got divorced, but you didn't learn anything. I didn't do anything special. I didn't do things to provoke and I wanted to occupy the media only with my work and my songs," he said of his separation from Zaharoula Makrygianni.

Then, he added: "I notice artists who deal with their lives and not with their songs. I would never want that to happen to me. It would mean my songs wouldn't be successful."

As for his three children, the singer stated: “All three of my children are in their teens. Liana is 15, Vassilis is 13 and Konstantinos is 12. I won't hide from you that my children listen to very few of my songs. They mainly listen to Snik, Trannos and FY."

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