Paris - Kefalonia direct flights to commence on April 22

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Two weekly direct flights from Paris to Kefalonia island in western Greece will be inaugurated in April, announced during a special event organized at Pavillon Elysée, ANA reports.

The twice-weekly flights will be carried out by Transavia, beginning on April 22 and continuing through October 28.

The event in Paris was organized by the National Tourism Organization of Greece's French branch and included material highlighting the Ionian island's natural beauty, gastronomy, and cultural sites.

Transavia Deputy General Manager Nicolas Henin noted that the company was particularly pleased with the high response in ticket reservations.

The Greek island of Kefalonia has emerged as the new ‘best place’ to visit this summer.

According to more than 1,000 responders to the Which? Travel survey, Kefalonia is the most sought-after Grecian vacation spot.

What shines about this island is its diversity. Since it’s the most significant island, it has tons of space to stretch out and has different things for travellers to check out.

For example, you can have lunch and tour its urban capital, Argostolion, hike up the highest peak for four hours one way (Mt Enos), and then head to Myrtos Beach to cool off and enjoy views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding peaks the island has.

This makes Kefalonia great because you can have unlimited different experiences depending on what kind of traveller you are.