Pantazis: "A fan has asked for my underwear"

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Lefteris Pantazis filmed a new video clip and, among other things, made spicy revelations.

In speaking to Star about of his new video clip, the beloved singer revealed that female fans "on the dance floor, they go up, hug me, kiss me... They come to the dressing room, they ask me for some item of mine, some shirt, some cologne... They love the artist."

When asked what the strangest personal item he's been asked for is, he said: “They're not called these! And they've asked me for underwear!"

When asked again if he gave it, he replied: "Okay, I'll be without underwear?"

Born Eleftherios Pagkozidis on 27 March 1955 in Tashkent in the USSR to Pontian Greek parents, the parents of Lefteris Pantazis repatriated to Greece as refugees in the 1960s.

He began singing professionally in the mid-1970s and his first record was distributed in 1979. His songs belong to a genre that cannot precisely be described and in Greek it is called skiladiko (σκυλάδικo) or laika [λαικά].

His music combines elements of traditional country folk music and modern pop. Some of his best known hits include: 'Εχω τρελάνει το Θεό' (I've driven God insane) and 'Το Ωραιότερο Πλάσμα Του Κόσμου' (The most beautiful creature in the world).

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