Thanos Petrelis: "I met Donald Trump, he said 'I love the Greeks'"

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Thanos Petrelis talked about the entertainment industry in Greece in recent years and his experience in the US in an interview.

Among what he said on the "Pame Danae" show, the singer referred to the unexpected events that have happened to him on stage, the meeting with Donald Trump, but also the way his wife, Sofia, revealed to him that they will have a child.

"It has happened to me while I'm on stage that they called me and told me that there are problem in my ear. They have thrown flowers and a wineglass at me. When I'm singing and we're kind of crammed together on the dance floor, it's happened that I've been... bitten," said the singer initially.

Regarding the entertainment industry in Greece, America, and also former US President Donald Trump, Thanos Petrelis said: "The entertainment industry in Greece has changed in recent years. People danced on the tables and on the stage with the singer."

"Now the contact of the artist with the world has been lost because with pop music there is more the image and not the sound. It is not the case in America, they break plates while having fun. Someone can go up on stage with a single dollar and dance.

"I had been to the White House, met and shook hands with Trump and he told me 'I love the Greeks'."

Thanos Petrelis then spoke about his wife, Sofia, and how she revealed her pregnancy to him: "Sofia has never shown me that she is jealous of me but I consider it normal. Sofia announced to me that she is pregnant by giving me a New Year's gift of a decorative stroller.

"From a very young age I wanted to have a family and many children. The moment Sofia announced to me that she is pregnant, it was the best of my life."

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