Greek police arrest 36 people in relation to migrant-trafficking operation

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Greek police on Friday, with the participation of 200 officers in various areas of Attica, Thessaloniki and Ilia, dismantled a ring that allegedly trafficked illegal migrants and prepared forged travel documents. Thirty-six people have been arrested as members of the criminal organisation.

According to the Greek Police, the organisation was involved in the trafficking of at least 2,200 foreigners to and from Greece, in the issuance of over 2,500 legalisation documents for cash and the preparation of over 8,000 fake travel documents.

At the same time, until now, police have located five workshops containing large numbers of fake documents and the materials for their production, as well as 10 apartments where the migrants awaiting departure were housed.

According to the police, they have also found and arrested more than 80 foreigners, for whom preparatory actions for their departure from Greece had taken place.

The authorities have also identified points of arrival and departure in other European countries, while the digital evidence includes more than 30,000 templates for the production of identity cards and passports.

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