Chickpeas: How many different ways can we cook them?


Chickpeas are a very nutritious and healthy legume and can be used in a number of recipes. Rich in protein, it is ideal for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet. There is no one and only way to consume chickpeas.

Beyond the classic recipe (in the pot or in the kettle), there are many, different but also delicious solutions to include them in your diet.

Why include them in your diet?

Besides being the most delicious legumes for many, they are also very healthy. So why not include them in our diet? They are rich in fiber. This means that they contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine while at the same time creating a feeling of satiety, protecting us from cravings.

At the same time, they are a good source of protein, which makes them a food especially loved by vegans, who are constantly finding new creative recipes. Vegetable proteins, more than animal proteins, reduce the feeling of hunger, so we eat smaller amounts and feel full.

Therefore, chickpeas help in losing weight or maintaining body weight.

Ways to eat chickpeas

There are so many ways to cook chickpeas! And all of them are both nutritious and delicious as well as filling.

Classic chickpeas in the pot or oven

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Sifnos chickpeas

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This chickpeas taste of Sifnos, it is simple to prepare and delicious.

Chickpea salad with roasted zucchini

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A delicious, nutritious salad, which, because it is also very filling, can also be served as a main course.

Cool ospriada - Mexican style - with citrus sauce with honey

Chickpea salad with turmeric and fried pita croutons Aromatic and particularly satisfying salad with chickpeas. Instead of croutons, you will add souvlaki pies.

All the ingredients are ready and in 15 minutes we make such a wonderful food that you have never eaten before. And lime and bergamot give such a scent that smells like spring!

Eggplants with chickpeas and mint

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One of the many ways you can cook chickpeas is with eggplant. The mint in the finish gives the dish a very aromatic and cool character.

Red chickpeas with honey and sour cream

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A delicious version of chickpeas, with tomato and honey. Red Chickpeas with Cauliflower

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A hearty stew that harmoniously combines chickpeas with cauliflower. An ideal recipe for periods of fasting, when we want nutritious and delicious dishes.

Chicken with spices and crispy chickpeas

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Chicken is harmoniously combined with chickpeas, which in this recipe we know in a more crispy and spicy version.

Meatballs with chickpeas roasted in the oven

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We make separate meatballs from minced lamb, apricots and pine nuts. Add the tastiest chickpeas as a side dish.


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Fluffy, spicy and aromatic chickpea meatballs, ideally served with warm pita, chopped vegetables and a lemony sauce with tahini and yogurt.

Arabic Falafel Pita with Tahini Sauce

Arabic Falafel Pies with Tahini Sauce

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