Sydney man jailed over 'senseless and cruel' murder of Greek Australian after 'trivial' vendetta over fake sold on Facebook

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The mother of a man murdered for the most trivial of reasons says the remorse of a man jailed for at least 12 years for her son's death "means nothing".

Sami Hamdach, 30, had pleaded guilty to the murder of Ross Houllis, 28, who died in hospital three days after he was bashed on a suburban Wakeley street in Sydney's west on Valentine's Day 2020.

Justice Stephen Campbell sentenced Hamdach to a total of 16 years and two months with a non-parole period of 12 years in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday.

Hamdach bought a pair of purported Apple AirPods from Mr Houllis the day before the attack and believed they were not genuine.

His partner arranged for Mr Houllis to meet and sell another pair, when he was ambushed by Hamdach and another man, Abdul Karaali.

'(Hamdach) could have done a lot of things to stop it,' Ms Houllis said.

'Yes, I mean, the other guy was aggressive … (Hamdach) had 24 hours to stop it.'

He planned to demand a refund and teach Mr Houllis a lesson by beating him up, enlisting Karaali as 'muscle', Justice Campbell said.

The motivation behind the plan that led to Mr Houllis' death in the prime of his life, a non-genuine version of a popular consumer product, was 'trivial'.

'A flagrant example of the offender taking the law into his own hands, which can never be tolerated, let alone condoned,' the judge said.

CCTV captured the scene as Mr Houllis was set upon in a shopping centre car park, 'frogmarched' towards his home, kicked in the head in a suburban street and stomped on.