Drones made in Greece


Greece’s new manufacturing sector is developing at an impressive pace.

Recently, university groups, organizations and private companies have come to grips with the research, development and industrial production of domestic quadrocopters. The fact that drones can be used in many areas, from agriculture to police and from firefighting to delivery of goods, making this category one of the newest in our country.

Simultaneously the rapid development of artificial intelligence can give even more capabilities to the drone and at the same time “open” the way to the creation of networks of unmanned aerial vehicles that can move in a controlled manner in the airspace.

“Producing drones in Greece is not as difficult as it seems. We specialize in the production of long flight (and visibility) oriented aircraft, the purpose of which is to recognize and observe objects,” – Stavros Messinis, Director of Smart Flying Machines, a growing company based in Athens with production facilities in Karditsa.

Mr. Messinis points out that while Greece has the necessary technology to produce drones, the process requires sufficient funding and complex coordination. “We produce most of the structural components in Greece, while the propulsion systems, electronic navigation systems and avionics of our drones are imported from the international market. We aim to develop our own fully aero-electric aircraft as soon as we get enough investment,” he notes.

“The drone we have developed is indispensable in many areas, as it has innovative features in the field of object detection and includes advanced machine “thinking” algorithms. The quadcopter can recognize objects such as vehicles, people, wild animals, etc.,” says Mr. Messinis and points out that Drones are mainly useful for aerial photography, surveillance, rescue, fire detection, wildlife surveillance and other applications requiring real-time detection.

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