Transgender student viciously assaulted at the University of Patras

University of Patras transgender student

An unprecedented attack against a transgender student took place at the University of Patras. A group of students attacked the young student. In fact, the perpetrators not only punched and kicked the victim, but also threw paint.

The young victim was in immense pain when the attackers finally abandoned him and ran away, Tempo24 reported.

The incident happened at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Patras and has already caused reactions in the student community.

According to the rector of the University of Patras, Christos Bouras, "two weeks ago, the chair of the department informed me that there was an attack on a student. However, the student who was attacked refused to contact me."

"I know he spoke to the chair of the department and the chair of the gender equality committee," he added.

According to the dean, "the incident is not as serious as they describe, the student was not injured that badly. Nevertheless, it is an event of a fascist attack that is condemned by the rectory."

He clarified that the attack took place inside the university "while the student was going to class. I even told him anonymously to file a complaint so that we can take legal action, but he refused to meet me."

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