The Philos Project expresses solidarity to the Jewish community of Athens following terror scare

Uzay Bulut Chabad House

The Philos Project expressed their solidarity to the Jewish community of Athens following news about the terror threat in Athens, which aimed to target, among other locations in the Greek capital, a restaurant that also served as a synagogue.

Uzay Bulut, a research fellow of the Philos Project and a regular contributor to Greek City Times, went to the Chabad House in the central Athens neighbourhood of Psirri to represent the Philos Action League (PAL) and show solidarity with the Jewish community.

At the restaurant-synagogue, Ms. Bulut delivered a bouquet of white roses and a letter expressing love and support for the Jewish people.

Uzay Bulut Philos Project Chabad House Athens
Uzay Bulut delivering a bouquet of flowers to Chabad House on behalf of The Philos Project.

Philos Action League Information:

The Philos Action League (PAL) is a community of Christians who are committed to showing up, physically, in solidarity and friendship with the Jewish community when an act of antisemitism happens.

Why the white rose?

The rose in the PAL logo pays homage to the Nazi resistance group, the White Rose, which started in Germany in the 1940s.

Hans and Sophie Scholl and several their fellow university students were the initial members of the White Rose, focusing on educating their peers on the problems with Nazism in their community and building a network to disseminate information and stand up against hatred and tyranny.

They were murdered for doing what was right and not being silent in the face of evil.

The letter written by the PAL to the Chabad House of Athens:


To the members of the Jewish community,

Considering the antisemitic incident that occurred recently, we want you to know that you do not stand alone. We see the hate and violence that has been directed towards you and will do everything in our power to combat it.

The Philos Action League is a community of Christians who are committed to showing up- physically, in solidarity and friendship for our Jewish friends and neighbors when any form of antisemitism occurs.

It is our goal to strengthen the relationship between Christians and the Jewish people by taking a stand together against antisemitism.

If there is anything we can do in this time of need, please reach out.

Contact: Hannah Garces at [email protected] 908. 285. 5989

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