Thessaloniki: Student rented a house with a hidden camera - "He was watching me during my private moments"

student thessaloniki spying

The owner of a house in Thessaloniki is facing a serious charge as he allegedly installed a camera in the bedroom of the apartment he rented to a young student.

The young lady originally, from Ptolemaida, who was looking for a house in the city for her studies, filed a complaint about the monitoring of her private moments.

From the beginning, the girl had seen a white device placed in the bedroom area opposite the bed in the furnished apartment on the 7th floor.

When the 18-year-old asked the owner what this white device was, he - as she claimed speaking to Mega - answered that it was an alarm system and that it was out of order.

According to the version of the owner of the property: "The camera was installed in the apartment after my own order to an electrician. I had been caring for my bedridden mother for many years with the help of a dedicated nurse and wanted to see via camera in case anything happened."

"Unfortunately I lost my mother and the installation of the system could not be completed. The installation of the camera without a recorder was simply forgotten there.”

The 18-year-old student rented the apartment. Convinced that this device was out of order, the young lady had become complacent.

As the days passed in her new apartment, however, she felt that something strange was happening.

"He watched me in private moments"

“In the first few days I noticed that a light was blinking on the device and that's how I got suspicious. I called my uncle to see the device and he found out that it was a camera that was connected by a cable,” she said.

“We looked into the issue and found that the camera is sending a signal normally. I think he was watching me and recording me in my personal moments."

She immediately contacted the owner clearly upset. He replied that it is impossible to record through this particular camera.

"I explained to the girl who rented the apartment that this is a camera that is inactive and not connected to any recorder. I did not hide its existence, nor did I try to mislead the girl,” he said.

“Besides, the camera was in a prominent place. In fact, I told her, to avoid misunderstandings and that she could cover it with a cloth or insulating tape."

The young student and her family immediately filed a complaint on the mere idea that she may have been the victim of privacy violations.

On the other hand, of course, the owner's lawyer, Mrs. Anthoula Anasoglou, speaking to Mega, argued the following: "From the beginning, the defence stated that the entire issue did not exist. There was no camera recording, there was one inactive camera.”

“We believe in Justice. This is all a set up category which we believe will fall very quickly into the paper tower," said the owner's lawyer.

After the laboratory examination report, it emerged that the camera cannot record wirelessly, only wired through a special recording device. The case is being taken to the courtrooms.

"The camera is not camouflaged, it was obvious"

Then the lawyer of the accused said: "The camera is not camouflaged, that's how it is sold", the lawyer initially emphasised.

She added "the camera is in a visible place. There was no way this object could be hidden."

“If someone has an alarm, they also have a motion detector, in this house there is none in this house, so there would be no confusion as to what the device is."

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