Griechenland: The comedy film shot last year in Milos is sold out in Austria (VIDEO)

Griechenland austrian film

Griechenland, the film shot last year in Milos, is a box office smash in Austria. Tickets are hard to come by, indicating the huge prominence the island is gaining in the Austrian market.

It is a comedy movie revolved around Johannes, who co-owns a hotel with his mother and stepfather in Vienna. He then learns completely unexpectedly of the death of his biological father, whom he has never met, as a result of which his entire life is disrupted.

Griechenland austrian film

Against his family's wishes, he decides to travel to Greece to fulfill his biological father's last wishes. In his journey he is faced with an Odyssey, at the end of which he will have to make the most important decision of his life.

Griechenland austrian film

Filming took place last year in May in several outdoor locations, including the main port of Adamas and the Marina, on beaches, as well as at sea.

According to those in the travel market, this particular success overshadows any promotional activity that could be carried out in the Austrian market, which is very important for Milos.

And they add that Milos has demonstrated both with the promotion of wedding tourism in London and with the corresponding culinary event in Milan, that it undertakes initiatives that ensure the prominence of the island beyond the usual promotion actions.

The Mayor of the island, Manos Mikelis, spoke to ERT about the shooting of the film:

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