Police officer arrested for firing warning shots during clash with rioters

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A police officer who fired three shots into the air during clashes with rioters outside the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) on Patission Street earlier on Wednesday has been placed under arrest.

Charges will be brought against him by the Attica Security Directorate, while a disciplinary inquiry into the incident has been launched at the orders of the chief of police.

The Hellenic Police issued the following announcement concerning the arrest:

"At 12:10, approximately 35 individuals exited the AUEB and set fire to waste bins, which they used, together with other objects, to form a road barricade.

At 12:30 and even though there were clear orders from the Emergency Action Centre that patrol cars should not pass by that location, an emergency action police car with a crew of three officers came under an unprovoked attack by the above individuals with stones, sticks and other objects, resulting in damage to the vehicle.

Two of the officers immediately moved away from the vehicle but the third became trapped and made use of his service revolver, shooting into the air.

The officer that fired shots has been arrested and the relevant criminal charges are being drawn up against by the Attica Security Directorate.

By order of the chief of the Hellenic Police, procedures have immediately been initiated for a disciplinary inquiry into the incident, while at the same time the imposition of the administrative measure of suspension for all the officers involved is being examined."

Patission Street was closed to traffic early on Wednesday afternoon due to the incidents outside the AUEB.

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