Greece Rejects Pakistan's Request For Submarine Batteries

Greece rebuffs Pakistan's request for submarine batteries

Greece has rejected Pakistan's request for batteries and other necessary equipment for their fleet of submarines, Times Now reported.

Although this has been hailed in Indian circles as an example of New Delhi's successful diplomacy, it was also a very easy and natural decision for decisionmakers in Athens to make considering the growing tripartite nexus emerging between Turkey, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Times of India: "Pakistan's navy is facing a double setback as it is currently grappling with a shortage of batteries for its submarines already in service, as well as a lack of engines for those under construction.

"Among the five submarines in Pakistan's possession, the batteries are crucial for powering the conventional ones when underwater. However, Pakistan's request to Greece for batteries has been denied, likely in response to India's request to Greece to stop exporting defense materials to Pakistan last year.

"Greece has a policy that requires permission from its foreign ministry for the export of weaponry, and in this case, the highest level denied Pakistan's request due to close ties with India, India's importance globally, and Pakistan's close relationship with Turkey, a rival of Greece.

"This setback will impact Pakistan's naval defense capabilities, causing significant concerns for the country's military leadership."

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