Ukrainian defence minister visits Athens, Panagiotopoulos outlines Greece's aid to war effort

ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov in Athens on April 6, 2023.

Greek National Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos met his visiting Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov in Athens on Thursday.

The Greek defence minister reaffirmed his country's continued support to Ukraine and to the Ukrainian people's inherent right to defend their homeland and restore their country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Moreover, the Greek minister expressed the will to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation with Ukraine.

The minister also referred to the help Greece has sent or will send to Ukraine and other support actions, including the following:

- 72 tons of humanitarian aid

- 3,870 tons of military equipment

- Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, rockets, artillery shells, rifle ammunition, BMP-1 Armored Personnel Carriers/Combatants

- Readiness for the transfer of another shipment of Toma BMP-1 armored vehicles, 73mm High Explosive rockets, artillery and rifle ammunition, all in collaboration with the International Donation Coordination Center (IDCC)

- Maintaining readiness in military hospitals to receive and treat wounded Ukrainian soldiers and officers.

Panagiotopoulos reiterated that Greece fully supports the dispatch of EU military help to Ukraine (EUMAM), and provides expert military trainers in several sectors including special operations.


On his part, Reznikov briefed his Greek counterpart on the latest developments in the fields of war and the Ukrainian defense, while he also reiterated a call for more artillery shells and heavy field weaponry.

Boosting the two countries' defence cooperation was also mentioned by the visiting minister, who noted that after Ukraine's victory the two countries should work together to demine the Sea of Azov so that the supply of grains to Africa - currently conducted through a 'green corridor' under the UN - can continue unimpeded.

Reznikov also expressed his country's gratitude to Greece's government and its people for the support against the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian minister noted that "our refugees can find a home in Greece."

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