The E65 highway changes the roadmap of Greece!

E65 Highway

The projects that have been launched, including the E65 highway, were mentioned by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure George Karagiannis when speaking at the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the presentation of the Development Program of the region.

Karagiannis started with the E65 Motorway, as he said, according to NewsAuto: "The E65 is a project of a hyperlocal nature that starts from the heart of the country and reaches Western Macedonia and Epirus and is now developing at a rapid pace."

"We overcame many problems and today, 90% of the work has already been done and in less than a year, specifically at the beginning of 2024, the southern part of the E65 is expected to be completed, a project that will change the map of transportation in the country as a whole," he said.

He made special reference to the large Bralos - Amfissa road project: "a project we signed about 1.5 months ago, a project that brings Fokida out of isolation."

At the same time as Karagiannis said "a few days ago we signed the Gravia Bypass, a smaller project, but equally important, starting from the Gravity Bypass and reaching the Flat Bauxite Mining Hub."

The deputy minister pointed out, "last week we also contracted the Bypass of Chalkida and Psachna, a project that was requested for Evia for many years and which was only a part of pre-election promises."

"We updated the studies, parameterised the project and after tendering it, we contracted it and in the immediate future the work will begin with the installation of the construction site," he said.

Regarding the study for the Northern Road Axis of Evia, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure spoke of "a study, for an important project that has been a request for decades for the residents of Evia."

"Today, it is in the Auditing Conference for the necessary control and we expect that very soon we will be able to design this project in order to have in the coming years a new, safe and functional road axis, which will connect North Evia with Chalkida and the rest of Region."

According to Karagiannis, "we have initiated the maturation of the studies, while we have also announced a tender of 1.7 million euros for geotechnical and additional topographical works for the project of the Road Connection Beyond the Makrakomi Bypass - Eastern Front of the Tymfristos Tunnel, i.e. the project Lamia - Karpenisi."

With reference to the study on Smokovo, he emphasised: "This is an important project, both for Thessaly and for Fthiotida."

"It concerns a total agricultural area of ​​230,500 acres, of which 78,500 concern the Regional Unit of Fthiotida. In this study we included, with a supplementary contract, 5,800 acres that will solve a wider problem of Fthiotida."

Interventions are also being made in the building infrastructures and in this context the new Multipurpose Regional Clinic in Rahes of the Municipality of Stylida will be handed over next month by KTYP.

"An equally important project that will be done with the PPP method is the construction of the Lamia Courthouse. Within 2023 it is expected that the temporary contractor of the Palace will be announced and we will start building it next year," noted the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

As the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure commented "in Central Greece we have launched more projects than had been implemented in all the previous years."

In closing, Karagiannis pointed out that "the specific Infrastructure Upgrade Plan has a triple character: it is developmental as it stimulates regional and local development, creates new jobs and strengthens the Region's extroversion. It is holistic in that it is fully in line with national, regional and local needs."

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