Katy Garbi on the set of "Sasmos" with Danae Pappa

Katy garbi Danae Pappa sasmos

Katy Garbi made a surprise appearance on the set of Alpha's drama series, "Sasmos".

The well-known singer, who has declared in the past that she is a fan of the series, made a post on social media after being photographed with one of the protagonists.

In particular, she posed with Danae Pappa, the actress who plays Theodora, and also shot a video with her. She then shared the footage with her Instagram followers.

However, neither she nor the actress revealed more details about their meeting.

"I came to the filming of Sasmos, to see my beloved Theodora, because of course I can," Garbi can be heard saying in the video. In the caption she wrote: "Because OF COURSE I CAN ❤️."

Pappa, in turn, wrote under their joint photo: "Unpredictable duo. You will surely be wondering WHAT HOW WHERE WHY.. I'll let you guess in the comments.. with a little hint "OF COURSE I CAN" 😉 PS. Kate Garbi, I'm squealing♥️".


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